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What is it about family law that you love?

I sometimes hear a version of this question from family or friends - usually in a less flattering form and sounding something like this - How can you work on cases like that? The answer for me has changed over time - and if I am being honest, changes with how things have been going. Believe it or not, not all of my days are filled with sunshine and rainbows and happiness. I rarely get a chance to work on the cases that have super happy ends - adoption days. Generally speaking, I am in the trenches of messy situations and trying to solve problems between people whose entire lives are feeling like they are crashing and burning. It is emotional and takes a toll a times. BUT, I am also cognizant of the fact that I am able to help people walk through their journey and help them figure things out in the times when they need objective problem solvers the most. A lot of people, especially those leaving an emotionally or physically abusive relationship also need an advocate; a person in their corner who just has their back and will help them fight back against an abuser. I get to do that.

I got into this business to help people. That’s what I love about family law - helping people. Helping families begin to heal and kids be able to move on from a highly traumatic event in their lives Is what I am about. That help comes in several forms, and some of which are uncomfortable for my clients - like a cold hard truth that no one wants to face. But it comes nonetheless. As long as there are people there will be a job in family law - but take heed young lawyers - this job is not for everyone and can chew up and spit you out if you aren’t careful. But if you love people and genuinely want what is best for them, this is a great area that needs good attorneys who are willing to drop the games and charades and find realistic solutions to real problems. If you know someone looking for a compassionate person, who also happens to be an attorney, to help them through a divorce, custody situation, child protection problem or child support, please let them know I am here to help.

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